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Beavers golf & beach

Our Beavers have been making the most of the fine summer weather with a golf session and fun on the beach at Compton



Survival Skills

Scouts enjoyed another 24 hour survival skills event. After hiking to a remote woodland spot they built bivouacs and cooked entirely over wood fires with minimal equipment.

Food included fish with wild garlic, camp bread, etc, with kelly kettles being used to brew up

Farm visits 2018

Cubs and Scouts (on separate nights) enjoyed a visit to Idlecombe Farm, courtesy of Neville and Anna Smith.

As well as learning about some of the animals and their welfare, the highlights were probably the tractor rides around the farm !


Group Camp 2018

In April 45 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers enjoyed a Group camp at Corf.

Activities included making camp bread, catapults, climbing up a tree to ring a bell on a climbing net, blindfold trail and parachute games.

There was also a big camp fire sing song, with marshmallows on sticks over the fire, wide games and a Mad Sports session.


Summer camp 2017

Scout summer camp in 2017 was held at the Bishop Lydeard Scout HQ near Taunton.

Activities during the week included caving, a hike along the Quantocks (with a steam train ride back), a visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum and a high ropes course. Scouts also created “afternoon teas”, baking cakes and scones, made woggles and key rings and had a fashion show created from polythene bags and other cast-off materials.


Brighstone Summer Show 2017

For the Horticultural Summer Show this year, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts decorated plant pots and created butterflies and sunflowers.

This was in aid of the Lord Mountbatten Hospice in Newport whose 30th Anniversary it was this year. The original emblem of the hospice was a butterfly, later superseded by a sunflower, hence why we made these items.

Thanks to Tracy (Puffin at Beavers) for organising the display this year. As the Scouts were on a hike camp over the same weekend, Denise (Otter at Cubs) and Tracy manned our stall at the show, making popcorn for the public.


Colin’s birthday !

Colin, section assistant with the Cubs, had one of those important birthdays (one with an “0” in it) and the Cubs enjoyed a surprise birthday evening at Blake’s Hill with a variety of old fashioned games and eats.


Monkey World 2017

The Scouts enjoyed a trip to Monkey World in May 2017. After meeting and loading up in the village we caught the Red Funnel ferry and travelled to Monkey World. While eating lunch in the car park before going in we were astonished to see a deer calmly walking past us about 10 yards away.

We enjoyed a great time in the park and then travelled to Braggers Wood, the Christchurch District in the New Forest. After a dinner of pasta, plus jam sponge puddings (courtesy of Kathy) we had a walk round the neighbour hood then played wide games in the woods.

In the morning the Scouts enjoyed crate stacking and a zip wire. As is becoming fairly usual on our trips, the instructors were very impressed by the way that our Scouts tackled the challenge and behaved.


Planters & Chef Badge 2017

Scouts brought electric screwdrivers and constructed planters. They were also given Busy Lizzie seeds and the idea was to grow the seeds into flowers. This is part of the Personal Challenge badge.

14 Scouts, working in pairs, tackled the Chef Badge in the Scout Centre one Saturday morning. They prepared 2 or 3-course meals and parents came along to judge the efforts at lunch time. As usual the food was delicious.



St George’s Day parade 2017

On Sunday 23rd April (St George’s Day) Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers from across the Island met on the quay in Newport. Following the Wight Diamonds band they marched through Newport to St Thomas’ Minster. After an enjoyable short, and boisterous (!) service which featured batting balloons around the church, the Groups returned to the quay.

Approximately 450 people attended the service with 61 flags. As well as carrying our own Beaver, Cub and Scout flags we had the honour of carrying the West Wight District flag as well.


Scouts greatly enjoyed an evening of circus skills – stilts, high wire walking (well, low wire actually), plate spinning and 2-rope jumping.

Unfortunately the lion taming was “off” and we couldn’t get the elephants through the door  


Beaver Santa Special 16

Brighstone Beavers had a fantastic morning in December going to the Santa Special at Havenstreet. We were all so excited at seeing Father Christmas in his amazing snowy train filled grotto, where everyone had a present given to them. We then went on a fun steam train ride, playing games and singing carols while on the train, and later finding out other passengers on the train were joining in with us to help pass the time. We saw a magic show and spent some time looking at and stroking  the donkeys. Sadly all too quickly the morning was over and it was time to say farewell, but everyone had a great morning – what a great start to the Christmas fun for everyone. 

Beaver Chief Scout’s Awards 2016

Mixed emotions were in the air on the last Beavers before Christmas, where on a sad note we had to say goodbye to Tom, Lily W and Lily J as they got ready to leave us, ready to start the next part of their Scouting journey to go up to Cubs in the New Year, an evening where a few tears were shed by us all. On a happier note this was the first time the Chief Scout Bronze Award was presented to Brighstone Beavers since the programme was modified a couple of years ago. Congratulations Tom, Lily and Lily on all your hard work. We will miss you and good luck at Cubs.

Beaver bivouacs 2016

Our Beavers took to the woods again to build bivouacs. No chance of coming across any bears in the wood due to the noise level !

Viking longboats

The Scouts took part in a university degree project for a local student, in which they decorated sails and shields to create a Viking longboat. This was a very enjoyable evening with a wide variation in design.

Scout summer camp 2016

This year we returned to Taw Bottom, a small site on the edge of Dartmoor near Okehampton.

Activities included a visit to Morwellham Quay (once the largest copper port in the UK), rock climbing on the moor, Lydford Gorge, gorge walking on the moor and a hike to the top of Black Tor.

It was a really enjoyable camp and, once again, members of the public stopped us at various times to congratulate the Scouts on their behaviour, being very polite and for getting out of doors away from TV screens !

Sand sculpture 2016

The Scouts spent a fine summer evening at Compton beach, first of all collecting litter as part of a Challenge badge, then afterwards creating some superb sand sculptures.

Slippery slope 2016

The Scouts enjoyed a wonderfully sunny summer evening up on the downs, sliding down our slippery slope. They enjoyed it so much they asked if they could do it every night !

Cycling in the New Forest 2016

Fourteen Scouts enjoyed a weekend cycling in the New Forest in July.

On the Friday evening they cycled from Lymington to Lyndhurst where they pitched camp. On the Saturday they called in at the Reptile Centre and the deer viewing platform (and the ice cream van !) before continuing through the Ornamental Drive and a ford, then back to camp. On Sunday they returned to Lymington.

The weather was pretty good with only a couple of showers, plus some hot sun on the Sunday.

Survival Skills 2016

Scouts spent 24 hours “surviving” in the woods.

After hiking 3 miles to our destination fires were lit to cook lunch – sausages and toasted cheese sandwiches. After lunch bivouacs were constructed for the nights sleep. Scouts also whittled utensils (knife, fork or spoon) and fashioned cups out of plastic milk bottle cartons.

For dinner we had mackerel with egg in scooped out potato, followed by baked apple stuffed with sugar and raisins. Some theoretical aspects were covered and songs sung round the camp fire before turning in. On the Sunday morning Scouts cooked bacon and egg, egg pans being fashioned from sticks and tin foil.

All cooking was done over wood fires, on grids, but without utensils. Everybody survived !

May 2106 Scout camp at Corf

We enjoyed fine weather yet again for our weekend camp at Corf. Scouts enjoyed lots of games, wide games and activities such as orienteering, blindfold trail, firelighting, making camp gateways, tree swing, etc.

Flag pole race

On one Troop night Patrols were given poles, ropes and a flag and were challenged to run to the top of the downs to construct a flag pole and to fly their flag. The winning Patrol received a prize.  As can be seen from the photos, it was a glorious evening weather wise.

Scout expedition to Hurst Castle

After taking the ferry from Yarmouth to Lymington, we walked the 7 miles to Keyhaven, along the coastal path through the Pennington marshes. There were lots of Egrets to see and a number of other birds that we have never seen before. The path took us around the salt flats where salt had been manufactured for hundreds of years, being exported all over the world. The names of some of the lagoons reflected this, such as “8 acre pond”.

After a spot of lunch we caught the small ferry from Keyhaven out to Hurst Castle where we enjoyed looking around the various exhibits. The original triangular shaped castle had been extended over hundreds of years to become what it is today.

We travelled back to the local Scout HQ (right on the quay) and the Scouts cooked their dinner on hike stoves. After a few games in the evening (some on the car park as the grass was saturated!) we turned in for the night, which proved a bit chilly.

We woke the next day to glorious weather and a picturesque sight of the harbour. After bacon butties and toast we hiked back to Lymington. Several members of the public stopped us to congratulate the Scouts, on how polite they were and how happy and smiling they seemed to be.


Easter eggs 2016

The Scouts made Easter eggs using balloons !

Melted chocolate was spooned over a small balloon which was then placed in the fridge for a few minutes. A second coating of chocolate was applied, along with sprinkles, and the egg was put into the freezer for a while.

After that the balloon was burst and removed and small eggs dropped inside.

Only one person burst their balloon while applying the chocolate and it wasn’t a Scout !

Cakes for Ability Dogs 4 Young People

The Scouts were challenged to bake a large cake each, then to sell it to a neighbour, friend or relative. Following that they baked 3 small cakes and all brought them into a Troop evening to sell.

The amount raised was a fantastic £167 which went to Ability Dogs 4 Young People – we had received a visit to a previous Troop meeting where the Scouts met a couple of the dogs and learnt what the organisation was about.

The baking went towards two Challenges – the World Challenge and the Personal Challenge.

Beaver creations 2016

Brighstone Beavers were given a challenge to design initially with pen and paper, and then to create an invention using a variety of recycled materials, and then explain how it should work (in theory) to the rest of the group. The ideas that the Beavers had were amazing, everything from a pie making machine, to a vehicle that would not leave any tracks on the moon, to an egg splatting catapult, to a game that children could play amongst other inventions. The children showed great imagination and dexterity in creating their inventions and had a great time being the potential inventors of the future that they were for the evening.

Captain X and the missing presents!

The Scout Troop’s nemesis, Captain X, has been at it again! This time he has shot down a consignment of presents bound for Father Christmas’s workshop. But the parcels had been exposed to radioactivity in the process.

The Scouts had to don special protective suits, locate the parcels at the cordoned off area then make a special transporter to carry the boxes. They then went to a missile site that our agents had located and disarmed the missiles before the timers were activated. Finally they hiked to the decontamination unit to rid themselves and the parcels of any radioactivity.

Agent D produced energy boosting hot dogs on the way. The photos show the boxes being retrieved, the missiles being deactivated and the decontamination unit. On arrival back at the Scout Centre the boxes were opened to reveal Christmas gift packs of chocolate.

Christmas Tree Festival 2015

Once again the Group took part in this extremely large and successful Festival. The Beaver trees featured snowmen, the Cub entry was a collection of carved trees (many people wanted to buy them!), the Scout tree featured a family of mice (Chris the mouse, so it was the Chris Mouse tree!) while the Explorers created decorations out of recycled materials.

The Scouts also helped to create the Island Jamboree Contingent tree by making pinatas.

There were many favourable comments from the public, a lot of whom were taking photos. One person said that the Scout never failed to raise a smile!

Archery competition 2015

For the second year some of our Explorers travelled to the mainland to take part in the Hampshire & Isle of WIght Scout Archery Competition, staying for the weekend at a local camp site.

There were different types of shooting – at targets, in the woods and distance. The photos include one of John receiving a gold medal from the Hampshire County Commissioner for coming first in the over-18 target shooting.

Scout summer camp, Harry’s Island, New Forest 2015

The summer camp for 2015 was held near Burley at Harry’s Island. Activities included laser shooting, a visit to Moors Valley Country Park (climbing apparatus, train, orienteering), swimming and high ropes, plus the usual wide games, a crazy sports evening and a session carving whistles on the wet day.

Scouts cooked in Patrol kitchens. The site warden told us that this was quite rare these days with only a couple of Troops in any year cooking this way. Many thanks to Kathy and Denise for producing some more great cooking experiences – chicken escalopes, burgers, pizza, scones, spaghetti bolognese all prepared on site.

As usual the Scouts were very well behaved and got on well together.

We were fortunate with the weather with only one day’s activities having to be re-arranged. However, we had to strike camp on the last morning in pouring rain but all coped very well.  Some people may think that the camp stops when they return to the village and are collected by parents. The last few photos show otherwise, with12 tent inners and outers, plus 4 dining shelters, being dried off in Terry’s garden over the next two days !


Beavers at Mottistone Manor 2015

The grand finale of eight Beavers being presented Chief Bronze awards at the final Beavers before the summer holidays in the wonderful grounds of Mottistone Manor. A special thanks to Sir Charles Nicholson and the National Trust for allowing us to have access for this special evening – another wonderful year of different and fun activities for Brighstone Beavers. Thank you to everyone who has helped over this past year. We couldn’t do it without you all.

Radioactive water

The Troop were tasked with obtaining samples of the stream water to send to the Environment Agency for testing – it had been thought that the water might be radioactive.

With poles and lashings the teams constructed a device to lower a bucket into the stream, tip it to scoop up water, then raise and tip the contents into another bucket for analysis, all without touching or entering the water. Unfortunately Jack’s feet have probably fallen off as he insisted on standing in the contaminated water. It must have been very potent water as it also split Josh’s trousers!

Beavers at the Lifeboat

Here are some pictures of the beavers gathering on the gribble seat before we visited Yarmouth lifeboat. We have been raising money for the lifeboat and had a trip to hand all the money over that we raised. We raised just over £143 – all by being kind, good and helpful for a couple of months. Puffin also ran a small quiz to help boost the money that the Beavers made. Whilst on the tour around the lifeboat we had the chance to ask all sorts of questions to the crew and learnt lots about how the lifeboat works.


Scout Expedition Challenge ’15

In July we travelled to Amberley Working Museum near Arundel by minibus and had a good look round the exhibits. Scouts enjoyed travelling up and down on the train (unfortunately the vintage bus was not running). A great favourite was the BT hall of history of the telephone where Scouts could ring each other up on all sorts of historic handsets.

After the museum the Scouts hiked along the River Arun to Arundel – they had previously made route cards at an earlier Troop meeting – then travelled a short distance to 4th Littlehampton HQ to stay the night.

Each Scout brought their own “hike” food (e.g. pasta) to cook. After a good game of football we turned in for an early night. The next day we travelled to Southsea to see the D-Day Museum before returning to the Island.

Despite it being a glorious warm sunny day on the way out the Scouts insisted on going to the “Teen Scene” on board the ferry which consisted of bean bags and watching 20 minutes of “Frozen” !!  On the return we banned that and insisted they socialise !

Beaver bivouacs

Brighstone Beavers spent an enjoyable evening at Brighstone Forest, working in three teams learning how to make shelters, with the aim being that they could all sit inside and stay dry at the end of the evening should it have been raining. They learnt about stacking the wood to make a stable shape and had great fun ensuring the shelters were made waterproof. At the end they looked so cosy and comfortable Puffin and Froggie were both tempted to go in for a quick snooze ! One shelter even had a layer of carpet (made from ferns) put down to make it more homely, another had a makeshift TV – not sure how this would work without electricity but that was what they wanted!

Another great evening for our intrepid young adventurers.


Beavers at the beach, June 15

Brighstone Beavers went to Compton beach and after identifying the Iguanadon footprint and trying to guess how big the dinosaur would have been, they were split into three groups to work as teams to make the most impressive sandcastles.

One team built a castle with an erupting volcano coming out of its core complete with a forest to guard the castle from invaders. One group had the longest moat you can imagine, so possible intruders would have to swim up a quarter mile moat, while the third team managed to build a double layered fortress complete with stone fencing and two drawbridges – talk about a safe place for those lucky enough to live there!.

As you can see the three groups were all very pleased with their results and had great fun, complete with the bonus of it being a lovely sunny evening. Thanks to Squirrel for taking the photos for us.

Group hike and sleepover

In June 2015 our Cubs, Scouts and Explorers hiked the 7 miles from our Scout Centre to Corf Scout camp, on the way collecting our Beavers at Newbridge. 50 youngsters took part.

After some lunch we divided them up into mixed teams and they circulated round the bases – shooting & archery, bouncy castle, assault course, parachute games, catapults and matchbox filling.

We had 67 people sitting down for dinner and then it was on to a camp fire sing song before the Beavers went home. The rest enjoyed wide games and Beetle before going to bed.

Sunday was spent kayaking, canoeing and orienteering.

The slightly “grumpy” looks shown in the photos where we had the evening meals were actually more due to exhaustion, having walked 7 miles before starting the activities!

Scout camp May 2015

A camp combining Scouts and Explorers was held at one of our favourite sites, on a Christmas tree plantation at Newchurch ! Many thanks to Peter Alexander for allowing us to continue to use the site.

The weather, for once, was absolutely perfect and full use was made of the lake – in the morning for kayaking and in the afternoon for building and floating rafts. And yes, the rafts did float this time !

Cubs and Scouts build obelisks 

Our Cubs and Scouts enjoyed a joint evening at Compton beach constructing obelisks, followed by hot dogs, cake and squash !

Beaver science

In March our Beavers tried their hands at the Science badge. The pictures here show an experiment involving drying their tongues and placing things like salt and sugar on the  tongue to see if they could taste them.
No they could not.   Until they wet their tongue !

Chef Badge 2015

Thirteen Scouts took part in the Chef Badge, arriving at 9.00 a.m. at the Scout Centre to prepare a 3-course meal for their guests to eat at 12.00 noon

All of them did exceptionally well and the guests were full of praise. Dishes included:-

Starters – Garlic bread and soft cheese, prawn cocktail, mushrooms stuffed with soft cheese, stuffed Avocado with tuna.

Mains – Chicken curries, spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, pizza and salad, meat balls

Desserts – Strawberry cheesecake, fresh fruit salad and Viennese biscuits, lemon cheesecake, treacle sponge & custard, chocolate cake & sauce, cherry crumble (almost!).

Kelly Kettle hike 2015

Scouts in Patrols hiked to a given location and then waited for a morse signal in flashing lights from across the downs.

When the signal was de-coded it gave the grid reference of their destination. The Patrols hiked on and, on arrival, fired up the Kelly Kettles for a cup of hot chocolate before heading down to the public car park in the forest.

Sedan chair race 2015

In January the Scouts held another popular sedan chair race evening. Owing to the very cold weather and rain on the evening we were not able to take the chairs for our usual gallop around the grounds so had to make do inside the Scout Centre.

There were awards for speed, decoration and constructor’s challenge (how well they held together !) – Hugo’s team came first in all 3 categories.

District Scout Camp 2014

The annual West Wight District Scout camp took place  at the end of September at Corf.

Scouts enjoyed activities laid on by other Troops plus they had a go at the new obstacle course. They also enjoyed kayaking during the Saturday. The big attraction on the Sunday, as always, was Headhunters laser combat who came out to Corf.

Scout Summer Camp in the Cotswolds 2014

Our Scout Troop summer camp this year was in the Cotswolds near Gloucester at Cranham, the Gloucester Scout County Site.

Activities on site included rifle shooting, archery, crossbows and team building exercises while off site we visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park and the River Wye at Symonds Yat where we canoed down the rapids and went abseiling off the cliffs.

There was also a large stream running alongside our site with an assault course built over it which kept the Scouts occupied.

Although we only had one morning’s rain and a couple of hours one evening, the ground must have been quite saturated before we arrived as, by the end of the week, we were paddling through mud reminiscent of a WW1 trench !  The Scouts didn’t bat an eyelid though.

As usual the Scouts enjoyed their attempts at cooking, with Kathy getting them to cook chicken escalopes (hence the mallets in the photos), home-made burgers, Eton Mess and much more. As tradition now dictates, we held our banquet on the last night – melon starter, chicken and chips, chocolate brownies and ice cream, After 8 mints and drinks. We laid a carpet (blue tarpaulin) over the mud and sat down to enjoy ourselves.

Trench Art

Trench Art is primarily associated with World War 1, where the debris of war (shell cases, bullets, packing cases) was fashioned into works of art.For the Brighstone Horticultural Society Summer Show we gave our Cubs, Scouts and Explorers copper pipe and wire to fashion their own inspiration. They got deeply involved with the project and the results were amazing, as you can see.During the day members of the public stopped us to say how moving they had found the display. The following day while visiting a local artist’s open day, she told us that number of people had mentioned the display to her.We were awarded a Gold Medal at the Show, which we are told is quite rare. We are looking to display this in the Scout Centre along with our Silver Medal from 2012 !Our Beavers made friendship bracelets which can be seen pinned to the edge of the turquoise Beaver flag.Many thanks go to Denise (Otter at Cubs)for her inspiration and organisation of the project.For examples of actual WW1 Trench Art go to

Survival skills

In June 2014 the Scouts held a survival skills event. They hiked 3 miles from the Scout Centre to a hidden wooded valley. There they built bivouacs and lit fires to cook sausages, toasted cheese sandwiches, apple stuffed with raisins, twists (camp bread) and dampers (a type of camp scone) with butter and jam.Colin and Denise arrived with a large supply of rabbits that had been shot earlier and the Scouts were shown how to skin and cut them. They all had a go then cooked them over the fire (Lydia having the fish vegetarian option).

Group Activity Day 2014

56 members of our Group (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, adults) enjoyed an activity day at Corf Scout camp in June.During the morning there were 6 bases to visit – archery, scramble net challenge, blindfold string trail, shooting, rockets and fire lighting.After lunch we took part in our own (mad) version of the Commonwealth Games, with events including mallet throwing, leaky tin race and cup of water on the head race. Good job it was a hot day !Finally, we enjoyed a camp fire sing song before going home.


Beaver litter pick and Italy evening

As part of Scout Community Week our Beavers went to Grange Chine and collected a mass of rubbish on the beach.During one evening they learnt fascinating facts about Italy such as did you know that Italy has the most lifts for any country in the world, and that the word pizza means pie! They made mini Leaning Towers of Pisa (as in the photos) and  learnt how to do reef knots using false spaghetti (strawberry laces), ate Italian biscuits, a running ‘things to do with Italy’ jigsaw relay, and an Italian game that that Italian children play.

Bird boxes for Mike

Mike Hamlet has acted as auctioneer for the Group’s annual auction which raises funds to allow us to keep the Scout Centre running – it costs a minimum of £5,000 every year.He has been doing this for at least 12 years and has raised in excess of £15,000 in that time.Mike is a keen ornithologist so to say “thank you” the Scouts made a variety of 18 bird boxes for him.The first picture shows Mike in action at our 2014 auction. The last picture (showing all of the bird boxes) is courtesy of, and copyright of, the Isle of Wight County Press and is reproduced by permission.


Cubs on tractors !

Oodles of Noodles !

Scouts recently made cooking pots out of tin foil (a sort of origami) and then cooked noodles in them over barbeques.

Bovington Tank Museum and the New Forest

In March 2014 our Scouts visited the Tank Museum at Bovington Camp as part of the Heritage Badge.We travelled by minibus to the museum in Dorset and spent an enjoyable afternoon seeing many thanks, war trenches, etc.We then travelled back to the New Forest where we stayed overnight in a cabin. On the Sunday the Scouts enjoyed activities in the woods and archery before we returned home.

Beavers gain Chief Scout’s Award

Many congratulations to Tom and Reece who have gained their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, the highest award in the Beaver Section.Well done boys !

Christmas Tree Festival 2013

Once again we had a strong presence from all of the sections of the Group, plus we had our own tree (and Robin !!) outside the Scout Centre.

Cub Halloween carving

Jamboree on the Internet

Once again the Scouts participated in the Jamboree on the Internet (a Scout “Chat room” set up for just one weekend a year). We contacted Scouts from 35 different countries as diverse as New Zealand, Norway, the USA, Italy and Pakistan.

District Scout Camp September 2013

The September District camp was popular again with about 6 Troops in camp.On the Saturday the Scouts took advantage of activities provided by each Troop, including pea shooting, an aerial obstacle course, shooting, blindfold string trail (identifying objects tied on the string), human horse racing and rockets. In the afternoon our adult kayaking team came out to give the Scouts a last session on Newtown Creek for this year. The highlight was again the Sunday morning with Headhunters coming out to Corf – about 80 Scouts running around with guns!

Explorer’s Summer Camp 2013

Since it’s revamp two years ago the 1st Brighstone Explorer unit has increased it’s membership and offered many opportunities to the members. Including young leader positions that count towards D.O.E. camping, hiking, air rifle shooting, archery, kayaking ,canoeing ,diving and sailing. Activities have included camping at Corfe, Night hike to Ventnor, Quiz around Bonchurch village, visit to Ventnor coastguard station,  wide games with other Explorer units and in the summer of 2012 the Explorers attended a joint camp with the scouts to Bishops Lydeard in SomersetIn the summer of 2013 the explorers enjoyed a week long holiday in north Cornwall near Bude Staying under canvas on a working farm, with direct access to the coastal path, the activities undertaken were coasteering, surfing, cycling the otter trail, hiking the Bude canal and coastal path and rock climbing on the cliffs.

Scout Summer Camp 2013 – Dartmoor

Scout Troop summer camp this year was at a Guide site called Taw Bottom on the edge of Dartmoor, not far from Okehampton. Activities included a visit to Morwellham Quay (once the biggest copper port in England) where we enjoyed a train ride into the mines, cracking rocks looking for gold, rope making, plus lots more. On other days we went down Lydford Gorge (the deepest gorge in the South-west), went rock climbing on Dartmoor, constructed a rope bridge across the River Taw, kept fit on the trim trail, made and raced trollies, visited the only water-powered forge in the country and went gorge walking in a Dartmoor river. As has become usual on our summer camps Kathy created a challenging menu with Scouts learning how to create chicken escalopes (that’s what they are bashing with the mallets), Mediterranean beef burgers and spaghetti Bolognese as well sausages in an onion gravy.Puddings included Eton Mess, fruit flan and cream and pancakes (all home made). The now traditional Banquet on the last evening consisted of melon boats, roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and peas followed by sticky toffee pudding and after dinner mints !The swings were a pit stop at Bridport on the way down and back.


The Brighstone Show 2013

In 1953 when the Queen was crowned there were many street parties and children were given mugs, cups & saucers, plates, etc, decorated in a Royal style.
For our entry in this year’s show, Denise (Otter at Cubs) came up with the brilliant idea of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts decorating their own mugs in a Royal theme. The results were fantastic, as you can see below, and there were many wonderful remarks form the public.Many thanks to Alan Cobb for creating the large cup on which the mugs were hung, and also thanks to Colin Bridges who helped erect the display on the Friday evening.The results were –
Beavers – 1st Reece Plimley
Cubs – 1st Rosie Morrison
Scouts – 1st Anneka Morrison

The entries were judged “blind” by the Horticultural Show judges.

During the show Scouts helped out the catering team by collecting cups, saucers and plates.  Unfortunately as the weather was very hot public attendance was down so there wasn’t too much for the Scouts to do at times. However, they did help out with one arena event being put on by a solo performer – the re-enactment of the Battle of Agincourt !!


Our Beavers have made the most of the summer evenings this year – here they are building dens in the forest ……….

……. While our Cubs have been busy as well, crabbing at Yarmouth

and Archery at Westcourt.

Cycling in the New Forest

In June some Scouts and Explorers enjoyed a great weekend cycling in the New Forest.Travelling over to Lymington on the ferry we cycled via quiet roads and then off-road through the forest to the Guide campsite, Foxlease, at Lyndhurst. The pitches come with a wooden shelter complete with showers and loos.On the Saturday we had a circular tour, taking in the Reptile Centre (where we saw snakes, toads, etc), the deer viewing station and the Ornamental Drive where there are some huge trees from differnet parts of the world.The photos include some of our newest recruit, complete with Group tee shirt. (Is this a novel way of incfreasing membership numbers by Mr Mears ???), a stone fireplace built by foreign allied servicemen in World War 2 while working in the Forest, the Reptile Centre and fords where some of us kept cool.The days were absolutely sweltering in the magnificent sunlight and we were thankful for the tree cover. On the Sunday we returned to Lymington.

Explorers sailing at Yarmouth

As last year, our Explorer Scouts have enjoyed sailing sessions on the River Yar with the Yarmouth Sailing Club.

Tea afternoons

Once again this year we provided teas at two National Garden Scheme open days, at Northcourt, Shorwell and Kingston Old Rectory.About 18 mums baked a cake for us and Kathy baked around 300 scones eac time! The cakes and cream teas at the two venues raised over £1,100 for us. This is a welcome contribution towards the £5,000 p.a. running costs of our headquarters.The pictures show Lydia and Sophie who worked very hard throughout the afternoon as waitresses. A big thank you to them and also to Thomas who came to the Kingston event to act as a waiter. Members of the public commented on how well they all did.

Cub swimming session

Our Cubs recently enjoyed a session at Brighstone Holiday Centre.


Scouts shoot and hike

In June Half of the Scout Troop hiked to Wescourt Farm and then took part in air rifle shooting. The other half of the Troop started shooting at the farm and then hiked back to the Scout HQ.We are very fortunate to have 3 qualified shooting instructors in sections of our Group.

Beavers visit Medina Arboretum

The Beaver colony visited Medina Arboretum to look at trees and identify leaves of different trees. The Beavers had to build what they thought to be the best shape / design camp fire with sticks. Obviously there was no fire so do not panic ! Froggie


Scout Troop May 2013 camp

The Scout May camp this year was a return to Newchurch courtesy of Mr Peter Alexander of Thompson’s Nursery, who kindly allowed us to camp on the Christmas tree plantation. The camp was very much “back to basics” with only a cold tap and chemical toilets but the plus side is that it has a wonderful lake which we used for kayaking and rafting on the Saturday.The Scouts enjoyed games of hide and seek amongst the trees and all had a great time despite a very strong wind over the whole weekend.On the Sunday we erected 24 bat and bird boxes amongst the trees (where there is also a large number of badger setts). The Troop had made the boxes at a previous Scout meeting.This was also the first outing for our new mess tent, partly funded by the GKN Charity Committee.In the pictures you will see the 2 toilets, affectionately known as the “Turdis”!

Beavers visit Cheverton Farm to see the lambs

Our Beavers visited Cheverton Farm to see new born lambs, courtesy of Andrew Hodgson.

Scout expedition to Hurst Castle

We took the Wightlink ferry to Lymington, then the train to the town. We then walked 6 miles through the Pennington marshes and salt works where we saw masses of birds and waterfowl.We arrived at the Keyhaven Scout HQ right on the waterside. After lunch we took the small ferry to Hurst Castle and explored the site. On our return we strolled to Milford to get sausage and chips which we ate on the front looking out to the Needles.Getting up the next day we had a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and tea and then hiked to 6 miles back to Lymington.

Beavers at Easter and Mothers Day

A selection of photos showing our Beavers hard at work creating masterpieces !

Beavers gain the IT Badge

In February 2013 our Beavers worked hard to gain their Information Technology Badge, Stage 1.  This involved switching on and closing down a computer, using a piece of software to produce a poster and a picture, and using a piece of software that required the use of a CD-rom.Well done Beavers !

Scouts Spag Bol Cooking Competition February 13

Another of our famous cooking competitions, this time it was spaghetti bolognese.  The Scouts worked in pairs to prepare and cook the meal.Judges this time were Kathy, Denise (Otter from Cubs) and Mr Mears – don’t think he had had tea so got himself onto the judging panel !There were no disasters – Will and Jack won, but the judges had a hard job deciding.

Painting Yafford pond posts

As part of the Scout Community Challenge badge the Troop descended on the pond at Yafford one Troop evening to paint the posts that had become overgrown.  The pictures below show “before” and “after”.Many thanks to Oliver’s dad for suggesting the opportunity and also for making prior arrangements.

Four Scouts – Alisha, Jake, Eleanor and Ralph – were presented with their Chief Scout’s Gold Award in January.
This is the highest award in the Scout section and takes some determination and commitment to gain – 8 out of 9 Challenge Awards were gained, covering Community, Fitness, Outdoors, Adventure, Creativity, Global and the Promise.Well done – a fantastic achievement !

Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival

As usual the Beaver, Cub and Scout sections took part in the annual Festival, the Beavers making decorations for their tree and the Scouts crushed hundreds of cans to produce the Crushed Mess Tree (what a noisy night that was in the Scout hut!).The Cub Olympic themed tree was mentioned in the 14.12.12 County Press along with a picture of the Scout tree.

Jamboree on the Internet

Every 4 years there is a World Jamboree where 40,000 Scouts from around the world camp together.But every year there is a Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) where for one weekend in October Scouts talk to each other on a special Scout chat room. We took part this year and 8 of our Scouts spent the Saturday afternoon “talking” with Scouts from 27 different countries.

Scout summer camp 2012

Our Scouts and Explorers camped for a week at the 1st Bishops Lydeard Scout HQ near Taunton. The Group is lucky to have not only a large HQ but also a wood and camping grounds.Activities included sailing, hiking along the Quantocks (then back on a steam train), a visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum, caving at Cheddar and a high ropes session to round off the week.

Brighstone Horticultural Society Summer Show

Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts again participated in the Summer Show. Otter at Cubs (Denise) came up with the idea of “All the Queen’s horses” as it was the Jubilee Year.We had a fantastic display of over 30 hobby horses, all made by our young members. We have now bought 2 additional cups so that we can present one to the winner in each of the 3 sections.This year the winners were Bethan Attrill for the Beavers, Aidan Young for the Cubs and Ralph Smith for the Scouts.


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